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Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls Vs Zombies #6, #7 & #8 Review

Gail Williams is hazed and confused...

The Chaos Campus series started off with a lot of promise and one I was hoping to enjoy. It's been a bumpy ride.

With issue #5 I found the series was starting to slide down the enjoyment scale for me, but I was still willing to keep suspending disbelief and carry on reading for a few more issues. So here we are at issue #6 and the second part of the two-part story Haunted Hell House.

Our intrepid trio are looked in the haunted house with a bunch of Alpha Zeta Zeta sorority. Slasher Kurtis Kasey is outside, and they’ve barricaded themselves in to avoid him. Which begs the question how did Brittany get out to get possessed? But she did that last issue and now she’s tied down and has infected Paige.

Trying to get away, the others split up - against horror movie law - and guess what? It doesn’t work out well. We also get another glimpse of Kurtis Kasey’s impressive tool.

As with issue #5, the cover art is way superior to what’s inside, and not just a little, it way outstrips what’s inside. Towards the end, after the possession is over, Brittany has the kind of disproportional features that you usually get during possession! And no, it’s not a deliberate revert.

In my last review I was hopeful that this second part would throw me a bone of originality - I was to be disappointed. I’m sorry to say it, but this story-line was a real flop for me.

Bites of Sin is another two-parter, found in issues #7 and #8.

The girls are on the run from zombies again, and run into Kurtis Kasey again. Not to mention a bunch of muscle brained army men trying to catch Kurtis. The army men have their weapons - quite why one is a Rubic’s Cube the reader has no idea, but there you go. Quite why it then turns into a cyclopic baby, is equally unclear, but it did. It’s also surprising that Paige is possessed AGAIN.

The army are trying to recruit Kurtis and it could just turn out that the man in blue with the impressive tool, is in fact a hero in the making. The Pokemon party doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid though. Still there’s a battle to be fought, and an outcome to reveal.

Here’s the weird thing about this two-parter, again the cover art is beautiful, stunning, but the art inside is just awful - worst yet. We get some good zombie art in the first couple of pages, but after that it tails off quickly. The girls are terribly drawn, disproportional and just plan ugly in a few panels.

But what was really weird was that this was a far better read than the last two-parter.

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Find out more about Chaos Campus: Sorority Girls vs Zombies on the Approbation Comics website.

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