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BOND: The Michael G. Wilson Cameos

Geek Dave plays Where's Wilson...

Albert "Cubby" Broccoli's stepson, Michael G. Wilson has worked in a multitude of capacities on the James Bond films. From his early days in EON's legal department, to his time spent as assistant to his father on The Spy Who Loved Me, from screenwriter on five Bond films, to co-producer of the franchise with his half-sister, Barbara Broccoli.

Alongside all this Wilson has had various, mostly uncredited, cameo roles in every James Bond movie made since 1977, as well as an early cameo in Goldfinger when he was just 21. Most of the time he's not easy to spot, but why not grab your Bond DVDs and remote control, get your finger hovering over the pause button and join in with a game of "Where's Wilson"...


Wilson's first Bond cameo. He's to be found dressed as a soldier, guarding Goldfinger's industrial laser at Fort Knox.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The first of Wilson's unbroken run of cameos across 15 Bond movies comes in 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me. You'll spot Wilson as an audience member, sat behind Anya and Fekkesh.


A double helping of Where's Wilson, as eagle-eyed viewers can spot him strolling the streets of Venice, and also working as a NASA technician.

For Your Eyes Only

1981's For Your Eye's Only marks Wilson's first of five consecutive Bond screenplays (with the first four co-written with Richard Maibaum), but he still found the time to get ordained as a Priest and make his way to Corfu for a quick cameo.

Another double helping. You'll find Wilson as a member of the Soviet Security Council, and as a tourist on river boat in India.

A View to a Kill
It's a heard but not seen cameo for Wilson in Bond's 1985 adventure. You'll hear his dulcet tones when Bond and Stacy enter San Francisco city hall.

The Living Daylights

A new Bond, and it's time for a night out at the opera. Wilson can be seen sat along from Agent Saunders at the Vienna Opera House.

Licence to Kill
Licence To Kill was Wilson's solo Bond screenplay, and once again he's heard but not seen. It's a good one though and takes place in the pre-title sequence during the raid on Sanchez's hideout. Wilson's off-screen DEA agent says,
"If they hurry, they might just be able to grab the bastard"

 Wilson's not shy in this one, as he's clearly seen as a member of the Russian Security Council.

Tomorrow Never Dies
Wilson plays one of Carver's off-shore associates, and for the first time he's seen and heard! During the video conference scene he says,
"Consider him slimed"

The World Is Not Enough
Wilson dusts off the tuxedo and get's a job at the Baku casino. You'll spot him several times, including when Elektra drops an enormous payoff in the Zucovsky's high-stakes room.

Die Another Day

In a rare credited role, Wilson plays General Chandler of the American Air Force. He still found time for a tricky to spot cameo - see if you can find him leaning against car in Havana.

Casino Royale
Wilson clearly liked getting his name in the credits, as for the second time he's listed there. Casino Royale sees him take on the role of the corrupt Montenegrin police chief. Bond and Vesper watch Wilson's character being loaded into the back of police car whilst sipping coffee in the warm sun.

Quantum of Solace

It's back to uncredited cameos for Wilson, as he sits and reads a newspaper in the Haitian hotel lobby.

Wilson briefly appears as a mourner at a funeral.


Wouldn't it have been great if that was Wilson? It wasn't of course, but he's in SPECTRE. Apparently Wilson appears in a scene between Ralph Fiennes' M and Andrew Scott's C. We may have to wait for the DVD to spot him properly.

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