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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - F is for Family

Guest contributor Elle Schwartz continues her A to Z of the long running CW series, Supernatural. 

F could be for Faith Healer, Fire, Famine or even FBI Fake ID. But I think F has to be for one of the most important elements of the series, F is for Family.

Sam and Dean's bloodline goes all the way back to Cain and Abel, and over the course of the 9 seasons we've been introduced to many members of the Winchester family, past and present, including:

John and Mary Winchester are the names of Sam and Dean's parents. Unlike her husband, Mary was raised as a Hunter. When she met and fell in love with John she gave up the 'Family Business' and never told him about the Supernatural life. After she was murdered by Azazel, John became a Hunter to avenge his wife's death.

John's Father, Henry Winchester, was A Man Of Letters. To escape an attack by Abaddon, he cast a spell and jumped through time to 2013, meeting Sam and Dean. With their help he managed to defeat Abaddon, however she dealt him a fatal blow and he passed away holding his Grandson's hands.

John also had another son with Kate Milligan, called Adam He was Sam and Dean's younger half-Brother. Unlike Sam and Dean, John did not introduce Adam to the life of a Hunter. Both Adam and Kate were killed, but Adam appeared in Season 5 when a ghoul disguised as him approached Sam and Dean. He was also bought back to life by the Angels to be the vessel of Michael. As far as we know he is still currently being possessed by Michael in Lucifer's Cage.

Samuel and Deanna Campbell were Mary's parents, both of them Hunters, with Samuel being a very experienced one with a vast knowledge of the Supernatural. Dean met them when he traveled back in time, and witnessed Azazel possessing Samuel and killing Mary. Dean attempted to shoot Azazel but he fled leaving Samuel dead. Samuel was eventually resurrected by Crowley to help him find Purgatory.

Of course, Sam and Dean's have many close friends and allies who they think of as family, that help them with 'the family business', including Bobby, Castiel, Jo & Helen Harvelle, to name but four.

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