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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - H is for Hunters

Elle returns with a new installment of her A to Z of Supernatural, and we've reached the letter H...

H could be for Heaven or Hell, both have certainly played important roles throughout the years on Supernatural. There's also Victor Henrickson, the FBI agent who tracked and arrested Sam and Dean. But I thought it would be a good idea to look at some of the other Hunters we've seen on the series. So this time in the Supernatural A to Z, H is for Hunters.

It's a Hunters job to hunt the supernatural and save people from demons, vampires, ghosts etc. Aside from the Winchester brothers, their family and the characters I've already covered/will cover we've been introduced to several other Hunters across the 9 seasons of Supernatural, including:

The Harvelles
William and Ellen Harvelle were Hunters. After her husband died on a hunt with John Winchester, Ellen continued to track down demons, later she was joined by her daughter Jo. They both worked at Harvelle's Roadhouse, a hang-out for the Winchester brothers and many other Hunters. Both are now deceased. Jo dying after saving Dean from a Hellhound and Ellen sacrificing herself after a failed mission to kill Lucifer.

The Chambers
Father and Daughter team, Lee and Krissy Chambers were introduced in season 7 of Supernatural. Krissy had witnessed her mother torn to pieces by a creature. After that her Father had raised her in the hunter lifestyle - although she'd never really hunted. When her father is killed by a vampire, Krissy takes up the mantle of Hunter. Dean persuades her to try and live a normal life, she agrees but also says she won't back down if trouble comes her way.

Garth Fitzgerald IV is a laid back Hunter who was introduced in season 7 where he helped Dean break a spell that Sam was under. After Bobby's death, Garth stepped up and answered the calls from other hunters, offering advice where needed. Most recently it has been revealed that Garth was bitten by, and turned into a werewolf. He has fallen in love with another werewolf named Bess, and now remains with the peace-loving pack.

Hacker turned Hunter, Charlie Bradbury was introduced when she was working as an I.T. expert for Dick Roman. As she is exposed to more and more of the supernatural world she becomes a full blown Hunter. In the season 9 episode, Slumber Party, Charlie leaves with fellow Hunter, Dorothy, to explore the land of Oz.

Gordon Walker
Gordon Walker appeared in the second and third seasons of Supernatural. His hunting methods were often at odds with Sam and Dean's. He specialised in taking down vampires, prompted by the turning of his sister when he was just 18. Eventually Gordon is turned as well and is finally decapitated by Sam.

Rufus Turner
Rufus was one of Bobby's oldest Hunter acquaintances. He'd helped Bobby after his wife, Karen, was possessed by a demon. He returns to hunting after Lucifer rises and often encounters Bobby, Helen, Sam and Dean. He is later killed by his old friend whilst Bobby is possessed by the Khan Worm in the season 6 episode And Then There Were None. The following year Rufus appears to Bobby whilst he is in a coma, where he aids Bobby face past demons and his deepest darkest memories.

This is just a small selection of Hunters we have encountered on Supernatural, some others I will get to in later installments.

Next time I is for ?

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