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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - G is for Ghostfacers

Elle has another installment of her A to Z of Supernatural. Who ya gonna call? No, not those ones, the other ones...

G could be for Gabriel, Greed, Glutony, God or even Goofer Dust, but I've chosen to go with the team who face the ghosts when others will not - the Ghostfacers!

The Ghostfacers Strategy
  1. Homework
  2. Infiltration
  3. Face Time 

We were introduced to Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore, later of the Ghostfacers, in the season 1 episode Hell House. At that time they ran a paranormal website, and they claim to be professional paranormal investigators. Sam and Dean eventually prank them with a crank call from a Hollywood producer wanting them to go out to LA.

We next catch up with them in the season 3 episode Ghostfacers. Sam and Dean bump into them by accident when they and their new team enter Morton House on leap day, where they hope to capture paranormal activity on film.

Along with Ed and Harry we now have Spruce the cameraman, Ed's adopted sister and researcher Maggie Zeddmore, and Alan J. Corbett who is an intern/cook, and also wearing the 'red shirt' as he doesn't survive to the end of the story.

Eventually Sam and Dean manage to fool them into using a large electromagnet, which wipes all their film, leaving them with no proof.

The following season, in the episode It's A Terrible Life, Sam and Dean are trapped in an alternate reality and living as regular people. When they discover they have a ghost haunting and killing people in the office building that they both work in, they check out an instructional video from Ed and Harry on the Ghostfacers website. The video teaches people how to hunt ghosts, and includes tricks that Sam and Dean had taught them previously, although Ed and Harry refer to them as "those Winchester douchnozzels."

The Ghostfacers then got their own web series, and a new intern called Ambyr. In one episode they even met Castiel.

Which brings us right up to date and the very recent season 9 episode #THINMAN. Only Ed and Harry are left in the Ghostfacers team now, I won't go into details as it's such a new story, at the time of writing this it only aired last week so I don't want to spoil it for anyone who isn't up to date. I will say I'm not sure if we'll see them again, but thank you Ghostfacers, for the excitement and the entertainment, and for facing the ghosts when others will not.

Next time H is for ?

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