The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - M is for MEG - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - M is for MEG

Elle reaches the half way point in her A to Z of Supernatural.

We're up to M already, and there's a lot of possible choices we could cover. M could be for Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean's Mother. M could also be for Madison, Mandroid or even Motel - we've seen plenty of them on Supernatural. But my choice for M is the 'daughter' of Azazel, Meg.

Meg is a black-eyed demon who trained as a torturer in Hell and initially worked for Azazel, calling him her Father. She acted as his agent and kept tabs on Sam after he left Stanford to hunt with Dean. Although we refer to her as Meg, this is actually the name of the host body she first appears in, Meg Masters.

In the Season 1 finale Sam and Dean exorcise 'Meg' and send her back to hell. She later escapes and possesses Sam, planning to use him to kill as many hunters as she can and to torture and eventually kill Dean as her revenge on them. Bobby and Dean eventually trap her but struggle to free Sam from the binding spell she has used. Bobby uses a fire iron, Meg flees Sam's body but doesn't return to Hell.

Meg returns in Season 5, possessing the body of a young girl from Cheboygan, MI who moved to Los Angeles to be an actress, and proves to be a worthy adversary for the Winchester brothers and many of their close friends. She has a demon possess Bobby, to escape he uses Ruby's knife on himself, it exorcise the demon but Bobby is left paralysed. Later in the episode Abandon All Hope, Meg causes the death of Ellen and Jo Harvelle when they are attacked by Hellhounds.

In Season 6 Dean and Castiel make a deal with Meg to help her find Crowley in exchange for the return of Sam's soul. After the pair trap Crowley they allow Meg to torture him, she discovers that Crowley is unable to restore Sam's soul, so Dean gives Meg Ruby's Knife with the intention of her killing Crowley, and then Dean killing Meg. However the King of Hell escapes, and so does Meg.

In Season 7 Meg and Dean form an alliance to protect Castiel, as she doesn't want Crowley getting him. Meg even goes as far as taking a job as a Nurse to protect Castiel In the Season 7 finale Meg helps in the assault on SucroCorp, but is captured by demons working for Crowley.

Nearly a whole year passes until we see Meg again, in episode 17 of Season 8 we see Crowley torturing her for information regarding the whereabouts of the Angel Tablet. Meg is eventually rescued by Castiel, and she takes him, Sam and Dean to the crypt where the angel tablet is. When Crowley turns up with a pair of Demons Meg stays and fights allowing Sam, Dean and Castiel to escape. Meg manages to stab Crowley in the shoulder, but the King of Hell impales Meg killing her once and for all.

It's quite a journey that Meg went through, she'd been there in one form or another from Season 1, which makes her the longest serving Demon on the show.

Next time it's N for ?

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