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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - N is for NAOMI

Elle presents another installment in her A to Z of Supernatural.

N could be for Nick, the widower who becomes the vessel for Lucifer. N could also be for Nancy Fitzgerald , the secretary featured in the Season 3 episode Jus In Bello. But in this A to Z of Supernatural N is for Naomi.

Naomi (played by Amanda Tapping) is a high ranking Angel, who has the job of reconditioning rebellious Angels, making them obedient again and extracting important information from them.

After Castiel slaughtered Raphael's followers, Heaven was left in turmoil with Angels separating into different groups, each one looking to take control. We are introduced to Naomi as the leader of one of the many factions fighting for control of Heaven. She initiated a plan to rescue Castiel from Purgatory, costing many Angels their lives.

But Naomi wanted Castiel for her own purposes, she only saved him to brainwash him into being her agent. So it's fair to say that Naomi is not exactly one of the good Angels, and doesn't place any weight on human life.

Castiel unwittingly offers up information about the Winchester Brothers, at one point he even attempts to kill Dean, and he also locates Lucifer's Crypt for Naomi so she can get hold of the Angel Tablet. However when Castiel touches the tablet it breaks Naomi's control over him, and he leaves to protect the tablet from her misuse.

Later Naomi approaches Dean to try to convince him that she is on his side. She claims that Castiel had misinterpreted her orders when he tried to kill him. Dean does not trust her, but when Sam tries to release Bobby's soul into Heaven and Crowley stops it, Naomi intervenes, again to gain the Winchesters trust. After Crowley flees, Naomi releases Bobby, allowing him to go to Heaven where he belonged. Naomi once again tells Dean and Sam that she is fighting for the same thing they are - Hell closed for good.

Back to her old ways, Naomi orders the slaughter of a restaurant full of people to draw out Castiel. It works, and Naomi interrogates Castiel to discover the location of the Angel Tablet. We discover that Naomi has been responsible for erasing the memories of many Angels when they have taken part in unsavory violent acts, for instance the time the Angels had to kill every first born child in Egypt.

In the Season 8 episode Clip Show Naomi learns that Castiel has teamed up with Metatron, so she takes Metatron back to her office in Heaven to extract information from his head. When she discovered Metatron's true intentions she teleported to Castiel and told him that Metatron was trying to expel all the Angels from Heaven because he wanted revenge.

Naomi had finally realised that her actions had been wrong, she now understood that Angels were meant to protect humans, they were God's creation and it was their responsibility. Somewhere along the way her, and her followers had lost sight of their purpose.

Naomi returned to Heaven where Metatron was waiting for her. He killed Naomi her by stabbing her in the head with her own memory drill, allowing him to implement his plan.

Farewell Naomi, I shall always remember you as 'that bitch Angel in a power suit'.

Next time O is for ?

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