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Doctor Who Archive: Doctors Eight - Twelve


Here you will find links to many of our Doctor Who feature articles, retrospectives and reviews, listed in Doctor/story order. This page focuses on Doctors Eight to Twelve.

The page is updated weekly as new articles are published.

Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann
Doctor Who, the TV Movie aka The Enemy Within/The Night Of The Doctor

Ninth Doctor - Christopher Eccleston
Rose/The End of the World/The Unquiet Dead/ Aliens of London: Part 1/World War Three: Part 2/Dalek/The Long Game/Father's Day/The Empty Child: Part 1/The Doctor Dances: Part 2/Boom Town/Bad Wolf: Part 1/The Parting of the Ways: Part 2

Tenth Doctor - David Tennant
The Christmas Invasion/New Earth/Tooth and Claw/School Reunion/The Girl in the Fireplace/Rise of the Cybermen: Part 1/The Age of Steel: Part 2/The Idiot's Lantern/The Impossible Planet: Part 1/The Satan Pit: Part 2/Love & Monsters/Fear Her/Army of Ghosts: Part 1/Doomsday: Part 2/The Runaway Bride/Smith and Jones/The Shakespeare Code/Gridlock/Daleks in Manhattan: Part 1/Evolution of the Daleks: Part 2/The Lazarus Experiment/42/Human Nature: Part 1/The Family of Blood: Part 2/Blink/Utopia: Part 1/The Sound of Drums: Part 2/Last of the Time Lords: Part 3/Time Crash (Children In Need Special)/Voyage of the Damned/Partners in Crime/The Fires of Pompeii/Planet of the Ood/The Sontaran Stratagem: Part 1/The Poison Sky: Part 2/The Doctor's Daughter/The Unicorn and the Wasp/Silence in the Library: Part 1/Forest of the Dead: Part 2/Midnight/Turn Left/The Stolen Earth: Part 1/Journey's End: Part 2/The Next Doctor/ Planet of the Dead/The Waters of Mars/The End of Time: Part 1/The End Of Time: Part 2

Unmade Adventures

Eleventh Doctor - Matt Smith
The Eleventh Hour/The Beast Below/Victory of the Daleks/The Time of Angels: Part 1/Flesh and Stone: Part 2/Vampires In Venice/Amy's Choice/ The Hungry Earth: Part 1/Cold Blood: Part 2/Vincent and the Doctor/The Lodger/The Pandorica Opens: Part 1/The Big Bang: Part 2/A Christmas Carol/The Impossible Astronaut: Part 1/ Day of the Moon: Part 2/The Curse of the Black Spot/The Doctor's Wife/The Rebel Flesh: Part 1/The Almost People: Part 2/A Good Man Goes to War: Part 1/Let's Kill Hitler: Part 2/Night Terrors/The Girl Who Waited/The God Complex/Closing Time/The Wedding of River Song/The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe/Asylum of the Daleks/Dinosaurs on a Spaceship/A Town Called Mercy/The Power of Three/Angels Take Manhattan/The Snowmen/The Bells of Saint John/The Rings of Akhatan/Cold War/Hide/Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS/The Crimson Horror/Nightmare in Silver/The Name of the Doctor/The Day of the Doctor/The Time of the Doctor

Series 8
You Will Survive / Who is Missy? / A Kick in the Nethers / A Kick in the Nethers: Redux / A Mystery in Pink, Blue and Scarlet / The Unbearable Mehness of Danny / Paving the way for a Lady Doctor / Moffat's Master-stroke / End of Term Report / The Unsolved Mysteries of Series 8  / Shut Up, Doctor / The Chicken Little Hypothesis
Deep Breath
Spoiler Free Review / Review / Alternative Review / From Script to Screen / Comparing Debut Stories
Into The Dalek
Spoiler Free Review / Review / From Script to Screen
Robot Of Sherwood
Spoiler Free Review / Review / A blast from the past / This one hit the target! / From Script to Screen
Spoiler Free Review / Review / Why Listen is one of the greatest ever Doctor Who stories
Time Heist
Spoiler Free Review / Review / 5 Great moments from Time Heist
The Caretaker
Spoiler Free Review / Review / A return to the Hartnell style / 6 Great moments from The Caretaker
Kill The Moon
Spoiler Free Review / Review / Echoes of the Past
Mummy On The Orient Express
Spoiler Free Review / Review
Spoiler Free Review / Review
In The Forest Of The Night
Spoiler Free Review / Review
Dark Water
Spoiler Free Review / Review / 12 Amazing moments from Dark Water
Death In Heaven
Spoiler Free Review / 12 Amazing moments from Death in Heaven / Review / Fairytale Finale Fiasco
Last Christmas
Spoiler Free Review / Review / Video Review / Flat Festive Fare 

Series 9
Everything We Know So Far


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